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01-17-10, 10:41 pm
I was looking on ebay for a cage today, and was disappointed about the prices. Even for a small cage it was around $60. Then I saw how much it cost for a small C&C cage from this site. It was an easy decision to choose which cage I should buy. Naturally, I still have some worries. Everyone says that guinea pigs love space, but what size should I get for one guinea pig? Also, how easy is it to add a cover to the cage? Thanks :)

01-17-10, 11:05 pm
Use guineapigcages.com for cage size info, but you should really think about getting two piggies(they like to live in pairs or groups). And yes it is easy to put a cover on it.

01-17-10, 11:15 pm
You can build your own if you can find all the supplies. I found coroplast for $10 from this place. GE Polymershapes, Branch Locator (http://www.sabicpolymershapes.com/polyshapes/PShapes/branchlocator/branchlocator.jsp)

Grids from: Silver Stacking Modular Storage Cube Set (Set of 4) - Bed Bath & Beyond (http://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/product.asp?order_num=-1&SKU=13652600)
With 20% off coupon, it's only $12.99 per box. And you'll only need one if you're not building a stand.

Follow instructions on this page for how to build.
How to Make a C&C Cage (http://www.guineapigcages.com/howto.htm)

Please adopt a friend for your pig. (don't get one from petstore or breeders)

01-18-10, 10:13 am
You can make lids out of grids or closet shelving. If you have an animal that may jump on the lid (like a cat), I'd suggest using the shelving, as it's much sturdier and less likely to collapse under the weight.

01-18-10, 10:36 am
You should try to make the C&C cage as large as you can afford with your materials.

My questions is why can't you MAKE a C&C cage? It's really simple, I did it in less than 15 minutes. And it cost me only $30 for the whole thing. It's a 2x7, so yours will probably be cheaper if you go smaller.

For one guinea pig, your C&C cage should be at least a 2x3. It is true that guinea pigs love space, and I have two guinea pigs who live in a 2x7 and they love it. It also seems like they need more space with all their toys, but for now they are happy.

I strongly encourage you to adopt a second guinea pig. As social pets, guinea pigs love the companionship of another of their kind. I used to have just one guinea pig and once I saw how lonely she was, I immediately went to get another one. You REALLY should adopt another one. If you do, you'll need to make your C&C cage AT LEAST a 2x4. But again, you should really make it as large as you can.

I bought my grids from this woman on craigslist. You should try there, as a lot of people sell their grids for cheap.
I got my coroplast from the GE Polymershapes place that lissie said above. I bought my fleece from Joann Fabrics, 2.5 yards for only $15. Mine is a 2x7 and I have two sets of fleece for when I'm washing the other. I'm really happy with my C&C cage. (And so are my pigs!)

Lids are said to be pretty easy to make, but I wouldn't really know for sure as I don't have a lid. I have a terrier who has a pretty big prey drive, and he hasn't tried to jump in [yet]. I think all you do is connect the grids over the top. But I'm not completely sure.

Good luck!