View Full Version : Pregnant Suprise, Bobba Fett Isn't a boy... Or fat.

01-14-10, 05:34 pm
Okay, where do I start. I'm sure there are alot of posts on here about the same thing.

My friends Paris and Monty just got two guinea pigs. They planned on giving them to me, but I cant afford to take them right now and I'm still heartbroken over my 8 year old who died slowly and painfully and I never wanted to go threw that again.

I agreed that I would come over and teach them all I know about feeding and help build them a C&C cage.

I went over last night to meet Bowie and BobbaFett. They were in a much too small cage, your typical much too small petstore cage that is more like a prison cell. I picked up Bobba Fett and he was very loving and affectionate. I noticed he had a cut by his eye but it was healing, I figured it was from fighting and being in such a small area. Then I noticed that he had very dark nipples, and that he was a girl... I turned around laughing and said "hey guys, Bobba Fetts a girl!" We just assumed that Bowie was a girl too since no one in there right mind would put a boy and a girl together in the same cage.

We decided to bathe Bowie because his butt was stained from being kept in a dirty cage. I then noticed that Bowie was infact a boy... It then occured to me that when I was holding Bobba Fett her stomach was really large and I just thought she was fat... No, on closer inspection and feeling her stomach she had something in there. I had to break the news that Bobba Fett was pregnant.

My friends have never had guineapigs before, they had no idea she was a she, or that she was pregnant. Paris is very concerned that the pregnancy isn't going to go well because she wasnt put on a special diet and has been stressed due to Bowie being a bully. I got my mother to drive over my old cage. I called it "The retirment home" it is a store bought cage, but it is the biggest I could find. It was origianlly purchased for my very old guineapig who didnt need alot of space, he didnt run alot anymore. So we set up the second cage and put her in it so she would have her own space and some quiet alone time.

I guess the questions I need answered are:

How far along is she? She clearly looks pregnant(I was an idiot and just didnt pay attention at first) her hips are sticking out a bit and you can feel a mass inside, But you cant feel anything moving yet.

Is there a special diet that she needs to be on? She hasn't gotten a whole lot of veggies because the other would steal them off of her. I told Paris and Monty to hold one while the other eats so they both get even amounts of food, except now their seperated its not a problem. So what kind of a diet should she be on and how much should she be getting.
I'm of the understanding that guinea pig birthing is simple and they do it mostly themselves... Is there anything that they need to know, or that they have to do when the time comes. Paris is also scared that she'll go into labor when shes sleeping and its possible that the babies could die. She wants to know what to do incase that happens.

I know that holding pregnant guineapigs isn't a wise thing to do because it can cause discomfort and stress, but Bobba Fett loves to be picked up and cuddled. Paris feels very guilty that she cant hold her nearly as much as she wants to be held. I told her that if she wants to play with her the best option might be laying down on the floor with her and playing that way. Any other suggestions?

01-14-10, 07:32 pm
A good way to get Bobba Fett out of the cage is if you get a large-ish cardboard box (with a lid if it will make her feel better) and cut a hole in one side big enough for her to go through. Guinea pigs liking safety, would crawl in there. Then just put your hand over the hole and take her out. This would save you chasing her around and causing her stress. I get my pigs out with their cosy and then tip them out gently.

And also a guinea pig pregnancy if I remember correctly is about 60 days? Not sure about how long after you can see a difference sorry.

01-14-10, 08:17 pm
I think a guinea pig pregnancy is about 72 days? or 70 days. I think you should check pregnancy on guinea lynx and get all the information you can through that site and then check back here for anymore questions. The floor idea is a good idea if the guinea pig wants cuddles but make sure she is removing her from the cage without picking her up from her stomach so using the 'elevator' (Upside down pigloo) would be a good idea or the cuddle cup.

Pregnant sows need unlimited pellets and if I remember right, an alphalpha and hay mixture. Alot of fresh veggies and alot of fresh water. Taking her to a cavy savy vet to make sure she's healthy and the pups are healthy would be a good idea. Also, the vet may be able to estimate how far along she is. None of us can estimate how far along she is because we have no idea what she looks like.

01-14-10, 09:09 pm
Pregnancy lasts anywhere usually from 59-73 days.