View Full Version : 2 Ohio Pigs need homes ASAP

03-07-05, 03:00 pm
Guess I'm not the best at posting in the proper places, but I rescued two pigs and need to get rid of them or my hubby will shoot me! I have one young solid brown female (possibly pregnant) "Brownie" and a young male, white with orange and tan around the eyes and ears with red eyes "Beijing". They were cage mates until we realized the previous owners hadn't sexed them properly. Please PM me if you are interested. I live in North Central Ohio. Thanks in advance. I will also post pictures today, hopefully!

03-17-05, 06:14 pm

Check out this post. Someone on this website is searching for two cavies to adopt in Ohio. Her post is in "Cavy Chat"

Good luck.

03-17-05, 08:19 pm
Thanks Ketus, I just PM'd her with all the datails!

03-18-05, 09:23 pm
Here they are as promised. A little late, but here.


03-18-05, 09:25 pm
Wow, they're big. I was hoping just for a link, but if it needs edited, I would appreciate the help from the administrators/moderators.

03-22-05, 08:52 am
Did you find them a home yet? Which ones the sow and which ones the boar? If you haven't I might be able to take them now. I'll call my brother and see if he is still using the Marchioro cage that I let him borrow for his ferret.

03-24-05, 04:46 pm
Brownie, the sow is the all brown one, and she is still available. Beijing, the white one was picked up by his new family today. "Kristi" adopted him and also bought my old 2X3 C&C for him and his new cage-mate-to-be. He was renamed "Lightning". Appropriate I thought since he is lightning-quick. I will PM you Katie if you still want her.

04-02-05, 05:39 pm
Brownie was adopted today by a wonderful family that has a lone female. They are in the introduction stage and all looks well. Their eldest daughter has really taken to her so she's staying!

04-13-05, 03:28 pm
As you probably already know from posts in other forums, Brownie is indeed pregnant. The family said they will probably keep the babies (and I may take one too, if there is a female) and if they don't want any (which I doubt) I will post pictures and try to get them adopted the proper way!