View Full Version : Looking for boarding services for critters in Kuala LUmpur ,Malaysia.

Cavy Crew
01-11-10, 10:20 pm
Hello GP owners in KL, does any one of you know where i can find boarding services for small animals here? Mostly caters to dogs and cats, even Pet Safari has none. So if you know of any, please share the info. Thanks

01-12-10, 07:53 am
If you Google "kuala lumpur" pet sitters "guinea pigs" (just like that, with the quotes where they are), you'll find several people advertising guinea pig sitting services.

Cavy Crew
01-12-10, 09:58 am
Thanks for the tip bpatters, will go google it but I worried that I will face the same situation like cavyinhawaii. That is why I am looking for proper boarding services instead of a sitter. Because if its a boarding service company or a Pet Hotel, I don't have to worry about the well-being of my boys. They have it here only for big animals, not small ones. But I just found out that there is this animal hospital here that does boarding for small animals. I will go check it out personal, to ensure that they are reliable.