View Full Version : Pregnant Adding cagemates while pregnant?

01-09-10, 08:21 pm
Would it be a positive or a negative to foster a bonded female pair as cagemates to a single pregnant female? This is, of course, provided cage is plenty big enough and introductions are conducted properly. I'm just wondering whether it would help, hurt, or should I just leave things alone? I want to help socialize the 2 females, but I don't want it to have a negative impact on my current female's pregnancy. She's about a week away from delivering. I had read that other females will help with the pregnancy and delivery. That was my train of thought, but I didn't know if it would just be stress for her.

01-10-10, 12:09 am
It really depends on the pigs but it can be too stressful to the pregnant pig.

01-10-10, 12:11 am
Yeah, I think if I foster before she delivers, I'll just put together another cage.

01-10-10, 12:11 am
When you get a new pig (foster or not), you'll have to do 3 week quarantine. So that defeats the purpose of your fostering anyway.

ETA: I just saw your second post. I thought you wanted to foster so your sow could have a friend before she delivers. I believe it's better to keep fostered pigs in their own cage so the resident pigs don't get attached to them. That's just my opinion.