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01-09-10, 05:55 pm
Well first i should say hi! I haven't been on in quite a while and I doubt anyone will remember me!

Anyway, a couple weeks ago a friend of mine caught a domestic holland lop rabbit in her yard. Nobody has claimed it and she's being forced to rehome it. She has until tomorrow to find a home or else it will be given to some random farm. She really wants me to take "Bunny" in. I've begged and pleaded with my mom to no avail. I'm in the process of helping her find a home.

Not five minutes after hearing my mothers verdict did a friends contact me on facebook asking me to take her bunny. The poor thing is living in the garage and never gets any attention.

This is just so frustrating! I guess I just really need to vent. I've been hoping for a chance to activily help animals and TWO in the same day come to me that I can't help.

01-09-10, 05:58 pm
I feel your pain, I really do. I've always wanted to do what you've wanted to do, and somehow I've never been able to do it.

My questions is why does it have to go to a farm? Why can't you give it to a humane society or animal shelter or rescue? And why does she have by tomorrow?

If you could explain those things, we could maybe help a bit more.

Sorry about this whole ordeal, by the way. I would want to help if I were you, too. You're doing the right thing, though.

Good luck!

01-09-10, 06:04 pm
I remember you! I agree with Piggy. There are so many unanswered questions in your story. You can add more details, can you?

01-09-10, 06:05 pm
Well her mom says it's got to go. I mean they've had it for a couple weeks totally unprepared and the girl is going to college next year so I could see why they would want to get rid of it.

Honostly I don't even live in the same state so I don't know why they have to give it to a farm. I just feel so horrible.

[edit] sorry for the lack of details I'm just so worked up.

01-10-10, 12:46 am
No advice but wanted to say hi, it's been a long time!

01-10-10, 07:51 am
I would contact a rescue I'm sure there is one that will take them.

01-10-10, 12:25 pm
Havn't been on for a while...try ads in papers, tell your school and there are loads of rescue places that you could send them. Good luck!

01-10-10, 02:55 pm
No advice but wanted to say hi, it's been a long time!
I know! I'm hoping to get back on a bit more! It's been too long without my cavy friends!

And thanks everyone for your help. I'm afraid theres nothing I can do...:sorry:

[edit] The girl with the found bunny found a home...and the other bunny can stay with her family until she finds a good home.