View Full Version : clip nails?

02-10-03, 11:59 am
my older piggys nails are really long and sharp should i clip them? i have these lil scissor like clippers and baby clippers...

02-11-03, 08:29 am
Go to this site, guinealynx.info/nails.html (http://guinealynx.info/nails.html) , it will show you how to care for the guinea pigs nails. You need to keep them clipped, because they can grow very long and penetrate the pad of the guinea pigs foot. My kids need theirs done at least once a month. Another thing to help keep nails healthy is putting a brick in the cage with them where they can run over it. This will act like a guinea pig nail file.

swirly silver
01-17-04, 06:15 pm
The lil pics at the bottom of the page given above really helped me out, so I'd recommend going there if your clipping for the first!