View Full Version : Looking for neutered boar in CT or RI

Slap Maxwell
03-06-05, 01:09 pm
I am looking for a neutered boar in Connecticut or Rhode Island. To be housed with two females.

email: [email protected]

lindsey's boys
03-06-05, 02:39 pm
Here are some in Durham, CT:http://www.petfinder.com/pet.cgi?action=1&pet.Shelterid=CT208&preview=1. If that is not close to you try here:http://www.petfinder.com/

Slap Maxwell
03-06-05, 04:06 pm
thank you. I just inquired about Skylar and Tia.

lindsey's boys
03-06-05, 04:37 pm
Your welcome. Hope everything goes okay. :) By the way, the pigs are soooo cute.