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01-04-10, 04:54 pm
My youngest piggy, who has just turned seven months old :) sneezes a lot more than my other piggy. The thing is, this is not recent. She has been like that ever since I got her (from a rescue) back in May, when she was five weeks old. She has never had ANY crust around the eyes (not even a tiny bit that's left over from the milky substance they use to clean their eyes) or nose. She eats really well, is gaining weight (up to 2 pounds and 2.2 ounces now), and is really active (a lot more so than my other pig).

Should I be worried? I will be taking her for a general check up soon, but I suspect that I will be told that they can't do much except for listen to her breathing (which apparently doesn't get bad until a URI is pretty advanced) without doing some invasive tests (blood tests, etc.)

The only other thing I can think of that's different about her is that she drinks more than my other pig, but my other pig drinks very little, so I think she is the one who is a bit abnormal in that area.

01-04-10, 10:57 pm
What kind of bedding do you use? What kind of hay? Are either dusty?

01-05-10, 01:07 am
Gizzy used to sneeze quite a bit as well but not so much anymore - my Vet felt it was the fleece while it was still newer - she sneezes a lot less now but as soon as her cages is full of freshly washed fleece she will sneeze quite a bit for a couple of hours so now I rinse it two extra times in clean water to see if it helps (so far its not helping) Good luck!

01-05-10, 09:14 am
I use fleece bedding with Carefresh (the grey kind) and Oxbow Orchard Grass and Kleenmama's pellets. I do think that the Carefresh can be kind of dusty.

It may just be my imagination, but I feel like she sneezes more during lap time.

01-06-10, 03:32 am
Maybe you just notice it more during lap time because he's right there on your lap! I had a sneezy piggie who promptly quit sneezing when I took her off aspen chips and put her on fleece bedding.

01-06-10, 05:56 am
I recently switched my pigs over to Oxbow's Orchard Grass hay because the store was out of Timothy Hay. I noticed right away that both pigs were sneezing a lot more after the switch. Normally they sneeze maybe 1-2 times per day, but with the Orchard Grass Hay it increased to a few times per hour. I incidentally also took them to the vet for a check-up during that time, and she confirmed that they were both perfectly healthy. When I got another bag of Timothy Hay and switched them back over, the sneezing stopped. So maybe the Orchard Grass hay is just really dusty.

01-09-10, 01:25 pm
I have had a slight cold all week (nothing that kept me home from work or anything), and my pig just sneezed twice in the last few minutes. Her litter isn't dusty, and shes active & eating like a pig as I type this. I don't think they are related--my cold and her sneezing-- I think just like humans do they sneeze sometimes.