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01-04-10, 01:01 pm
Hello all. I've been reading here a lot so I guess it's time to introduce myself and my pig. I am Tina and my pig is Philthy Phil. That's the name they gave him at the pet store because he's...well....ugly. Phil is supposedly an "oops" and is a mix between, I can only assume, a hairless and a Brillo pad. From his waist down he is mostly hairless. From the waist up he has very wiry hair. Some of it is very thin and some places he has big "sprouts' of hair. Personally, I think he's adorable. I'll have to post pics if I get a couple that accurately show what he looks like.

I met Phil when I went into the pet store to look for a fish tank stand. While there, i wandered over to the small animals and saw Phil. I watched him for a while and asked to meet him. When the girl went to pick him up he didn't run or try to get away. He let her pick him up and was very mellow. When I held him he was very relaxed and when i scratched his butt, he purred. I was hooked. I came home and told my husband about him, then pestered him for several days that I wanted Phil for Christmas. Hubby and I were out shopping one night and I even made him stop at the pet store and meet Phil. Because of his interesting appearance, no one was interested in Phil (or his brother, who was also there). They had been there for 6 months and no one had even asked about them. They had been there so long, the pet store had reduced the price to the point they were losing money (good) and giving away a cage with him. Hubby went back on Christmas eve and bought him and he spent the night at my sister's house and she brought him over on Christmas day.

Phil is currently in the pet store cage which I know is too small. Before long he'll be getting an appropriate size C&C cage but I figure, for now, the cage he's in is at least a little better than the 10 gallon aquarium he was living in a the pet store. He came home with Kaytee pellets but they are just about gone and he'll be switched over to OxBow. He loves his salad, which he gets every morning. I give him a mix of whatever we have and so far I've tried green peppers, carrots, broccoli, cucumber, romaine lettuce and apple (he only gets apple every couple of days). He also has a constant supply of Timothy hay but all Iv'e been able to get, so far, is Kaytee which I figure is better than nothing for now. I can't wait to do the C&C cage so I can do a hay rack so it's not getting peed and pooped on all the time. He came home with pine shavings btu I've switched that also and now he's on CareFresh. I've been cleaning hsi cage about every 2 days but I'm hoping, with the CareFresh, that it'll last 3 days or so before it needs cleaned. I did have to get him a bigger water bottle because the one I had was small and he kept emptying it and I was worried he'd empty it (or it would leak until empty) and he'd go all night without water. He has a tunnel/hut thing but he's not crazy about it. I want to make him one of the fleece bags (or several) and I think he'll like that better, especially since he has very little hair and likes to be warm. he has a couple of toys, 2 cat balls with bells and a hanging bird toy, but he shows no interest in either, so far. The pet store said he was there for 6 months and was a young adult when they got him so they guessed his age at about a year old but I'm kind of skeptical. I think he's older.

So far, Phil is just a totally laid back pig. He loves to be held and petted and loves having his butt scratched. When I scratch him he'll stretch out and lay flat on his belly and purr. When I reach in the cage I can easily pick him up or just pet him and he doesn't try to run away at all. He's great with the kids and they love having him sit on their laps for them to pet and play with him. He is currently a single pig and I'd love to get him a buddy but we'll have to see about that a little in the future. I've looked on petfinder and done web searches but it seems there aren't many neutered boy pigs available (Phil is intact). Besides the purring, Phil is a very quiet pig. He doesn't really whistle or vocalize much but I'm hoping that will change as he gets more comfortable. I had a girl pig when I was much younger and it was so cute when she'd whistle when we came in the room. The pet store girl said he did whistle there when he heard the salad bag so we'll see. Maybe he'll start whistling for me eventually.

So, that's my piggy. Hopefuly I can get some good pictures of him so everyone else cane see how adorable he is :)

01-04-10, 05:08 pm

Why do you need to adopt a neutered male if you have an male?

Yes please post a photo of him. Odd. Has he been cleared of mites and fungus by a vet?

01-04-10, 05:40 pm
He does sound strange, but I guess that is what makes him even more special.

Does he need hair cuts were he is hairy?

01-04-10, 05:42 pm
Welcome to the forum. :)

I agree that you don't need a neutered male pig if you have another male. Two intact males will usually get along just fine as long as they have enough space. The recommended size on the homepage seems to be more for females. Males would need a grid length longer. Neutering doesn't change their behavior and would be unnecessary unless you wanted to house him with a female.

01-04-10, 07:56 pm
I guess I just assumed a neutered male would have a higher chance of them getting along. I'm used to dogs and cats where neutering can make a big difference in how they get along with other animals. I never really thought about the possibility of an intact male. Honestly, I'd love to go back to the pet store and get his brother but I was told they didn't get along. Then again, they were being housed in 10 gallon aquariums so I can only guess that would make any animal a little testy. I don't know if they had both boys in the aquarium or if they gave them a bigger space but it wouldn't surprise me if they were both in the same 10 gallon tank.

Phil hasn't been to a vet yet but I would like to get him in for an exam and to have him chercked for creepy-crawlies. His skin isn't irritated at all and he doesn't scratch but still, the pet store he came from was/is kind of oogy. Unfortunately the only vet I've found, in my area, that sees pigs has horrible reviews. I've read that they are very expensive, very dirty and are not client/pet friendly. I'll have to keep looking. I thought my dog vet saw pigs but they don't.

His sprouts of hair aren't so long that they need trimmed. Just kif of a little longer than the rest. He looks like maybe one of his parents, or some pig somewhere in his ancestry, was an Abby. Like maybe the "sprouts" were trying to be rosettes but didn't quite make it. He really is different and, of course, the cutest pig ever.