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01-02-10, 06:05 pm
Hiya, I have just joined. I have 4 guineas (boars) and I have only had them for about 4 weeks, very much a newbie.

I have noticed that one is still very small compared to the others. I don't know if he needs a vet because he seems alert, well, and eating and drinking fine. But he is tiny. I was wondering how much he is supposed to weigh. He feels so light compared to the others. Could he just be a runt or could it be something like worms? As I say I am only new and I'm not sure quite what to do. Suggestions welcome!!

01-03-10, 01:11 pm
Some pigs are just naturally smaller than others. If you have a scale, start weighing weekly and make sure he's gaining weight. If you don't have a scale, I suggest you get one.

They don't get worms.

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01-03-10, 01:48 pm
I have two sows, and one is a lot smaller than the other. I think that the smaller guinea pig is just naturally smaller and there's nothing to worry about.

01-04-10, 10:06 am
We went to the vets today, and it turns out he has a wheezy chest, so has been given antibiotics but the vet was a little concerned about his weight, he is only 0.2kg and nearly 12 weeks and has told me to get his weight up. The vets do a free weigh in, and have said if I want to take him there I can.

I have digital scales, and have been weighing him, and he has put on 7g since he started feeling better :)