View Full Version : Diarrhea how can i know if my guinea pig have diarrhea?

01-01-10, 02:56 pm
I have a guinea pig her name is Tina,since 2 weeks and 2 days i got my second guinea pig Bella,I think that she have diarrhea but i'm not very sure.
So how do i know ???
And if she does have diarrhea what should i do???

01-01-10, 03:15 pm
What do you mean you aren't sure? It should be pretty obvious.

If she has diarrhea you should withhold veggies and get her to a vet ASAP.

01-01-10, 03:51 pm
Yeah, it would be obvious if she had diarrhea. Her poos wouldn't be solid. Do you mean you aren't sure which pig? If thats what you mean, you should watch them to see which is having it.

01-01-10, 04:13 pm
Read http://www.guinealynx.info/diarrhea.html

Green Beans
01-01-10, 04:57 pm
Well, does the poop look like little pellets or is it loose and watery? That should be pretty obvious to differentiate.