View Full Version : how do I exercise my piggie?

03-05-05, 02:43 pm
How can I exercise my piggie? I just got her on March 3rd. I do not know how to exercise her! When I take her out of her cage and on the floor shes too scared and I have to hold her close to make her not scared. Please help me! I do not want her to become overweight. Any tips, thoughts, ideas etc. would be greatly appreciated! Thank You! :O)
- guinea_piglet :O)

03-05-05, 02:50 pm
Well she needs to get used to you first. Don't worry about floor time now. Just lap time with you and plenty of room to run in her cage. Getting her a friend will get her excersizing a bit more.

03-05-05, 02:59 pm
oh okay! thank you so much!

03-05-05, 03:36 pm
You could try letting a cat loose after her.... Just kidding. I put my cat out with the pigs and they ran up to her. She took off like the devil had showed up from hell for a visit. The cat is petrified of the piggies. They seem to think that she's a giant mother pig and want to snuggle with her but she won't let them near her.

(At least this gets my extremely fat cat some exercise)

03-05-05, 03:41 pm
lol. thats funny. thanx

03-06-05, 12:10 pm
after a few days or a week of floor-time, your piggie will feel more safe, and wtan to explore. I began putting little carrot bits and a pile of hay around the floor area, and that got Timmy off his butt and eager to waddle around. I stopped the carrot thing after a few times, because he was getting carrot-crazy. Here's a photo of Timmy having fun:

03-06-05, 03:19 pm
great idea! Thank You! aww, timmy is cute! thanks again.

03-06-05, 05:29 pm
I wouldnt give her free time yet. She needs to get use to her cage and you. I would give her lap time first. Then in a couple of weeks after she becomes less timid and she begins to enjoy her surroundings then I would start giving her free time.

03-07-05, 04:48 pm
Oh. okay. i see! Thank you so much! Thats really helpful! :o)

04-09-05, 03:26 am
before you let your pig run around, you've got to get her to trust you, if she doesn't she won't trust being on the floor. If you feel she trusts you but she still won't run then I suggest making gentle sounds and putting favourite foods in differant places of the "pen" or "run". If that STILL won't work then I suggest maybe taking it to the vet to see if she's injured or ill.