View Full Version : Adopt a cavy month!!

03-05-05, 07:36 am
The month of March on petfinder is adopt a cavy month!!!
Here is the link to petfinder www.petfinder.com (http://www.petfinder.com) .

03-08-05, 05:34 pm
I just found out a few mins ago. I was posting on there for some of my young piggers for a good home :(. Most of my boars dont get along and always pick fights. Nothing major I just want to prevent a problem before it becomes a big problem.

03-08-05, 05:43 pm
I am sorry, I hope they go to good homes.

03-08-05, 11:15 pm
I do hope so too. I tried everything to keep them from fighting but it just dont work. I do not want a hundred dollar vet bill for a bit wound.

03-08-05, 11:30 pm
Did you post on the classifieds or the forums??

03-09-05, 12:18 am
all the forums and just did petfinder.