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03-05-05, 06:33 am
Gosh is it a pity that we don't have any forums for Taiwan members (are there any?!)

Hi, everyone! I'm a beginner from Taiwan with two adorable cavies. This is a bad time to buy cavies (7 degrees Celcius outside, 10 inside)...I heard they can't stand the cold. Another thing I regret about buying them is that I didn't come to see this site first, so of course I bought a standard store cage 50x30 cm, and the two are CRAMPED inside. (and the thing cost me 'bout 20 USD too!)

I'm scared that they might not survive the winter......
Would it be a good thing to change cages after just buying them? Won't that be a real scare?

Anyway, nice to know you guys. Chow!

03-05-05, 10:02 am
Hi, I am Kenneth from Malaysia. I also bought a store cage before I came to this site. Well, you can keep that store cage as carrier cage and made a bigger C&C cage for the GP.

03-18-05, 05:44 am
Haha a chinese guinea pig now that would be funny anyways welcome to the site

03-26-05, 08:30 am
I kept my petstore cage as a carrier after i built the better one.

I think you should switch your pigs into a bigger "house" more than likely they will be happy and less stressed if you move them since they will have more space.