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12-23-09, 05:41 am
Hello everyone,
I am a guinea pig owner of some experience and also in the rescue field but a bit unsure here, so thoughts appreciated :)

I recently took in as a rescue case, two guinea pigs, both roan types, father and I believe daughter. I was told by owner, that a few months ago daughter gave birth to one large white "deformed" baby that died at birth. I believe father was daddy :(

Now I know about roan to roan matings...

Previous owner states the female has not been near any of the males. They kept other male guinea pigs. But...Guineas were kept in open topped crates :sad: And there were children in the house...So you can probably understand my train of thought.

Female does not look pregnant and so I am wondering if I should just wait and see what happens. If she does turn out to be pregnant babies might be fine if dad not the father?
Spay her, which is not without risk and she might not be pregnant anyway.

Or if she is pregnant let it proceed?

The guineas have good rescue back up and will go to home checked people etc.
So no worries there, will stay here indefinately if needed.

The father guinea pig has already been neutered but is of course being kept separate until non fertile.

Any thoughts? I know ultimately it is my decision and of course vet needs to okay it if we spay. Female guinea pig is according to owners about a year old.

Thank you!

Will post introduction soon, sorry to just jump in!

12-23-09, 01:37 pm
If I were you I would sit down and realistically assess your ability to care for a special needs guinea pig. Do you have the time and resources it would take to properly care for the babies? How much time and money are you willing to put into their care? Because if you can't care for any possible babies for the rest of their lives then you need to explore your other options.

You need to research what the mortality rate is for guinea pig spays, specifically what your vet's rate is. How does that rate change when the pig is pregnant and how it changes week to week throughout the pregnancy. The take into consideration the mortality rates associated with birth. How do they stack up?

I guess I would only wait and see if I had the time and money to care for any special needs babies that may result from the pregnancy. Or if the mortality rate for spaying was significantly higher than her chances were she to give birth. If she could be spayed with resonable safety then I would likely choose that route. However, I haven't looked up all the numbers nor talked to the vet. With more information my mind might change.

12-24-09, 06:06 am
Thank you for your post much appreciated.

On consideration, I think we'll simply wait and see how things go, hopefully she won't be pregnant.
If she is we'll deal with things as they happen. I've got good back up financially from an established rescue, that I've been involved with for approx 20 years!

Best wishes.

12-25-09, 07:47 pm
I took in a roan female and her roan brother once. She had just had a miscarriage and since they were kept together there was a very good chance she was back bred. I went ahead and had her spayed--she had already had problems with her first litter and I didn't want to risk losing her. After she was spayed I put her back with her brother and adopted the pair of them out.