View Full Version : Bedding Found another Zorb store

12-21-09, 09:20 pm
I was doing a search to find out if any other online stores sell Zorb besides wazoodle because on Wazoodles website they state the next production is Sept 18th of Zorb.
Well sure enough..I found another website that sells Zorb..Boogerbutts . com
It's a diaper site, that sells everything for diapers, only makes sense to sell Zorb.
Thought I would share.

12-22-09, 12:57 am
It is cheaper than Wazoodle. No width though (wazoodle 45")? I think Sept. 18th is already past date.

12-22-09, 02:22 am
Yea I was looking to but I found nothing. I think that they only sale it by the yard.

12-22-09, 08:01 am
I would think it would be the same width, because wazoodle is the company that designed Zorb. I checked the shipping costs, and Wazoodle is cheaper in shipping compared to the other site, by $2.00 based on my location.

12-22-09, 01:09 pm
The other site for me is cheaper. May be it is becouse I live in Louisiana. I think the other site is closer to me then wazoodle. So it is all where you live at.

12-23-09, 01:20 pm
Do you have to make an account to see shipping costs???

12-23-09, 01:27 pm
No you don't have to. You can skip over making an account and just put in your information as if you were purchasing the item before they ask for the credit card number the shipping information comes up.

12-23-09, 01:40 pm
1 yard for me, Wazoodle: $6.15 yrd, $8.59 ship, Boogerbutts: $6.00 yrd, $6.10 ship.

Still, shipping isn't cheap.