View Full Version : some gross thing on the butt of my pig?

Falcon The Lancer
01-03-03, 02:40 pm
my gp has some really gross stuff stuck in his hair on his rear end, what is this, it cant be his pee/poo because it has a differnt structure, attached is a picture of it
it doesnt seem to bother him and it doesnt wash away

home.attbi.com/~mzarifkar/Picture7.jpg (http://home.attbi.com/~mzarifkar/Picture7.jpg)

home.attbi.com/~mzarifkar/Picture8.jpg (http://home.attbi.com/~mzarifkar/Picture8.jpg)

here are some pictures I took of his back/butt they are taken with a webcam so they dont look that good but it ill do

01-03-03, 03:10 pm
He may have gotten into something sticky. If not, I'm not sure what that could be. Maybe Teresa will peek in and see. :D

Briana D
01-03-03, 03:33 pm
That is where the scent glands are located on a guinea pig. I've never seen one quite that greasy but then again I've never looked that close.

You're sure your pig doesn't have diarrhea right?

Falcon The Lancer
01-03-03, 03:40 pm
its no diarrhea because he has it for a lon long time, and thats the same reason why it cant be sticky stuff, i think its the scent gland stuff , can you tell me some more on that and how i can clean it up,

01-03-03, 04:46 pm
It's just an active grease gland that naturally gets dirty. It is almost impossible to clean.

See this recent thread on Guinea Lynx about the exact same thing. Just keep the hair there cut really short.

www.guinealynx.info/forum...php?t=2976 (http://www.guinealynx.info/forums/viewtopic.php?t=2976)

Briana D
01-03-03, 04:49 pm
Okay I'm glad to hear it isn't diarrhea. I think it is that scent gland.

Males have the scent glad right at the rear of their rump. They can release a musky smelling scent when trying to mate or some claiming a spot ask their own. I don't know too much about it but I don't think there is too much to know about it either.

To clean it you can give you pig a rump dunk. Put some warm water in your sink - about 2-3 inches of water. Try to see if the oil will come off with just the water.

If it requires more then just water get a mild shampoo, preferably Bunny Bath. If you don't have any Bunny Bath try to use a baby shampoo. You aren't suppose to use human shampoo on cavies because of the pH difference. But if water doesn't work and you don't have any of the above listed shampoo's it would be safe to wash just the greasy area with a dime amount of shampoo.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that your cavy is completely dry before returning him to the cage. You want to make sure he is dry so if he happens to catch a drift he doesn't become ill.

Falcon The Lancer
01-03-03, 05:07 pm
I bought some Baby shampoo today and ill try it tommarow because it kinda cold (5:09pm @ +/-5000ft)

01-03-03, 05:56 pm
Sorry, but no shampoo is going to touch it. It's really virtually impossible to clean. Just keep the hair trimmed as short as possible. It takes a degreaser to cut through it and they can be harsh.