View Full Version : Liners I'm trying a new system.

12-16-09, 08:18 am
I made my own cage liner from 100% cotton lined with a towel on the inside and another layer of 100% cotton. I liked it so much I went to buy more fabric! Hair and hay doesnt stick to it, and the towel absorbs the pee rather quickly. Has anyone else tried it?

12-16-09, 10:18 am
The only problem with that is that the piggie is walking in his/her own urine.

12-16-09, 10:31 am
Cotton absorbs a lot of moisture and will remain damp. That's why it is not used for diaper linings, linings of running shorts, etc.
Better get some water-permeable fleece.

12-16-09, 10:49 am
I agree, I wouldn't suggest using cotton over some towels. Fleece or some other bedding would be much better. Everything would be damp and the pigs would be walking on damp bedding. If you ever notice when you have fleece, the fleece is dry and underneath to the towel layer or any other abosorbant layer, when you take the bedding out to wash it. The towels underneath are damp but the fleece is still dry up top. With cotton everything would be damp.

12-16-09, 01:15 pm
Can the dampness actually harm my pigs, I change it every three days. Also, with fleece it was worse for me, the fleece would get soaked.

LuLu the Guinea
12-25-09, 04:32 pm
When you said the fleece would get soaked do you mean you have or have not tried it? If you have then did you wash the fleece three times or more before you used it for the first time? If you have not, then, just to let you know that the fleece lets the urine pass through the fabric and get soaked into the absorbent layers underneath.