View Full Version : Just Delivered Touching babies, okay or not?

12-16-09, 04:08 am
Our guinea pig was pregnant when we got her & she just gave birth to 2 babies few hours ago, everyone is doing fine thankfully... are we allowed to pick up or hold the babies at all? I was wondering if we did would the mother disown them as I know their sense of smell is strong... is it okay to handle them a little - or not at all?

12-16-09, 07:39 am
I read somewhere that you can touch and pick the babies up whenever you want because they are completely formed by the time they are born.

12-16-09, 07:59 am
Yes, the lady who had the babies I was going to adopt (they turned out to be all male and I could not adopt as I have females) picked them up right away. The mom did not seem to mind at all.

12-16-09, 08:59 am
Yes, it is fine. I'm glad they're doing well!

12-16-09, 10:53 am
Funny story though. The owner would pick up the baby and the mom pig would instantly turn the entrance of the pigaloo in a different direction. When put back in the cage, the baby would try to go in the pigaloo where he'd gone in before, only to find no entrance there. Sometimes the mom would send him outside and THEN move the entrance so he could not find it. I don't know if she did it on purpose, and the owner made sure to help him get inside so he could nurse, but it was very funny. i think all moms have felt that way from time to time.