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12-11-09, 07:53 am
While clipping her nails I have found a large lump on Rugby's back, Ive got a vet appointment in a couple of hours but was wondering if anyone had any experience on lumps?

Shes acting completley normal, energetic and only a year old. Shes not a cuddly pig and doesnt like being handled which is why I havnt noticed till now. It didn't seem to be painful to her when I touched it, so I'm hoping it's some kind of cyst.

Any thoughts are welcome

12-11-09, 08:08 am
A cyst is most likely. I've had 2 pigs with cysts and neither caused them any pain or related health problems. I just had to keep the cysts drained and cleaned. It was just a little more work but nothing particularly bothersome and the pigs didn't/don't seem to mind when I mess with their cysts.

12-11-09, 08:10 am
Thanks its nice to have someone else thinking along the same lines, I get so jittery when they get sick!

12-11-09, 08:40 am
I have no experience with cysts, I do sincerely hope it is something that isn't critical and your piggy is fine.

12-11-09, 05:37 pm
Ok shes been to the vet and its not a cyst. She tried to drain it but no fluid came out. Vet is sending a sample to the lab to find out what it is. The good news though it that the lump is sitting under the skin and most likely not attached to anything. The BAD news is that my vet said 'to be honest I don't know much about guinea pigs'.

I do not trust my current vet to carry out the op, so I will take her further away where I have a friend who is a vet nurse. I have used that practice in the past and always felt comfortable with their knowledge of small furries. All I have to do now is cancel Christmas so I can afford it. Fingers crossed.

12-17-09, 11:05 pm
Cysts can be full of goo more than fluid. It took Jackie's cyst about two years to suddenly start spitting out nasty white toothpaste-textured goo. Before that it seemed completely solid. That said, definitely go to the better vet and have them take it off to look at.