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12-09-09, 07:50 pm
So i got speedy my youngest piggie from my girlfriends brother. Unfortunently he is not the worlds best pet owner. Anyways, His pigs had a litter when she was maybe 4-5 months old. And speedy and another came out. Not long after birth i went around and found the second one to have a head twice the size of its body. tiny arms. And gasping for air. Immediatly i took it to the vet where unfortunently they had to put it down. Sometimes its the more humane thing to do.
Anyways speedy was the second and she seemed at the time to be fine. Small but fine. As ive never seen a new born guinea pig i wasnt sure how big they were meant to be. I'd say speedy was around the size of a full grow man's thumb. or that of a small easter egg.
Now she's just turned 2 month's old today. I've just weighed her and she's just over 200 Grams ? She's still smaller than my hand. And at only 1-2 Weeks younger than the others is litrally half their size.
Could this have been a lethal litter?
Do you think its a defect?
She seem's to eat, Drink, Walk, And well as by her name run bloody fast.
I notice tho her feet are very long. her back feet would be about half the length of her body.
When I had them at the vet checking for mites I asked the vet about it and she told me because the mother was young that speedy might just be a little under sized runt his whole life. But otherwise should be fine.
She told me to watch her breathing and eating. And texture of her pooh and if anything goes wrong to let her know.
This seem's like good advice? What do you all think ?

12-09-09, 07:52 pm
What color is speedy? What color was the other pup?

12-09-09, 07:56 pm
Speedy is a mix of light brown and white, She has a white behind with a light brown band over her face, head and arms Similar to the colouring style of a Dutch guinea pig. The other was dark brown.
Speedy is also an Abyssinian.
But the other was a English smooth coat.
The Mother was an Abyssinian, And the father was a English smooth coat.
The litter looked identical to their parents. One of each in the same colour.

12-09-09, 07:58 pm
Leathal's by definition all all white, with the rhonan gene I believe. Ly will be able to confirm this.

12-09-09, 07:58 pm
I know the abbys are a RRmm Gene. And the smooth coat a recessive rr gene. And that the RR gene is dominent over the smooth coat rr gene. But why then was a smooth coat produced? Sorry this is all a lil above my head lol.

12-09-09, 08:07 pm
Just because you have dominate genes doesn't mean a resesive gene can't pop up.

My family has all brown eyes for 3 generations, guess what, my aunt has blue eyes.

12-09-09, 08:11 pm
And then someone has to be logical ! lol. It's early in the morning give me a break :-P

12-09-09, 08:24 pm
Lethal pups are completely white but not all white pigs are lethals. So these pups are not lethals because they have coloring to them. They could have problems either genetically or from inbreeding.

Lethals are produced when roan x roan are bred or when dal x dal are bred (dal = dalmation). Most lethals are blind, have teeth problems, can be deaf, etc.

Here is some reading to do about lethal pigs. The first will explain more about the genes responsible for producing lethals.

12-09-09, 08:27 pm
Thank you very much. I just wanted to make completly sure. You have both been very helpful. Much appreciated. Ly and the rest of G.P.C the guinea pig world is a lot better thanks to you guys :D