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12-03-09, 04:53 pm

My girlfriend is getting 2 guinea pigs next week, which is why we are looking for a decent cage to put them in. I've read that each guinea pig needs his own place/house to hide in, so I think that a normal cage that you buy in a store would be too small for a guinea pig to freely play/run around in. Which is why I started looking for an alternitive and found the C&C cages. There's only one problem, I'm unable to find any cubes which I could use to make my own cage. All the other topics here aren't really helpfull to me, because they aren't recent. I was wondering if there is anyone here who has recently seen these cubes in a store/webshop here in The Netherlands. A nearby european country would be fine too (germany/belgium).

I did find some US webshops who offer these cubes, but the shipping costs are killing me.
(a webshop with no or cheap shipping costs would be fine aswell :P)



Volgende week krijgt m'n vriendin 2 hamsters en we zijn nu dus haastig opzoek
naar een geschikte kooi. Aangezien ik op verschillende plekken heb gelezen dat
je voor elke cavia een "schuilplek" of huisje moet hebben vindt ik dat een standaard
kooi uit de winkel enigszins tekort schiet. Want met 2 huisjes in een kooi vind ik
dat 2 cavia's niet genoeg loop- /speelruimte hebben.
Ik heb daarom ook naar alternatieven gezocht en kwam de C&C kooien tegen.
Ik kan alleen nergens de benodigde kubussen vinden en vroeg me af of er hier
misschien iemand is die -niet al te lang geleden- deze kubussen nog in de winkel
heeft zien liggen.
De meeste berichten hier zijn op z'n minst een jaar oud en bieden geen uitkomst.

Alvast bedankt!

12-06-09, 01:45 am
Is there a hardware department like home depot near you? You should be able to find shelving unit instead and just cut it to size.

12-10-09, 03:29 pm
I haven't seen any, but maybe i missed them. The reason i wanted to use cubes is their
versatility, so i can change/expand their cage every now and then. I guess using shelving
units wouldn't be as versatile as cubes. At the moment i'm waiting for a reply from Sue, I asked
her how much the shipping costs would be if she shipped them to Europe. I hope to get
lucky and pay a small fee, but i'm afraid that's just wishfull thinking.

12-10-09, 03:52 pm
Bed Bath and Beyond has cubes. You get 16 of them for 14.00. Its where I got mine. For the coroplast I went to a sign maker and told them I needed them for a C&C guinea pig cage . So they sold them to me for 25.00 a sheet. Link to thier site and the cubes:

Silver Stacking Modular Storage Cube Set (Set of 4) - Bed Bath & Beyond (http://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/product.asp?order_num=-1&SKU=13652600)

Tessa Bea
12-10-09, 04:02 pm
Bed Bath and Beyond has cubes. You get 16 of them for 14.00. Its where I got mine. For the coroplast I went to a sign maker and told them I needed them for a C&C guinea pig cage . So they sold them to me for 25.00 a sheet. Link to thier site and the cubes:

Silver Stacking Modular Storage Cube Set (Set of 4) - Bed Bath & Beyond (http://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/product.asp?order_num=-1&SKU=13652600)
They don't have Bed Bath and Beyond in the Netherlands. Shipping from ordering online would be outrageous.

I think shelving units, hardware cloth, chicken wire or something would be Willie's best bet.

12-10-09, 04:10 pm
We are unable to ship to US Territories and international locations at this time.

At the moment, i'm so desperate that I would probably even pay the shipping costs. But I can't find
a shop that would ship them to Europe.

12-10-09, 04:11 pm
Would you be willing to travel to France, near the Belgian border? There is a French company that does them, and they have a 60% reduction on them. You can order them and have them delivered at a relay shop. You cna retrieve your package from the shop by providing ID.

I got mine like that, while holidaying in France. Or you could see whether they can deliver to the NL.

12-10-09, 04:18 pm
Traveling to France would be a bit overkill, but i would like to ask them if it is possible to
ship them to The Netherlands. (I don't see any reason why they wouldn't)
Could you give me a link to their website? A relay shop is a shop that sells their merchendise?
If so, i'm afraid they won't sell to consumers directly :(

12-10-09, 04:26 pm
Here's the link Cubes de rangement modulables (lot de 6 ou 10) (http://www.laredoute.fr/vente-cubes-de-rangement-modulables-(lot-de-6-ou-10).aspx?productid=324035311&documentid=201209&categoryid=0&pos=2_n_n&numberpage=1)

The relay shops are just normal shops that let you use their address for delivery for people like me who don't have an address in France or people who are at work all day and can't sign the receipt. They have a Belgian version, so may have the cubes on there too catalogue vente correspondance vêtement - boutique mode féminine, masculine : redoute.be (http://www.laredoute.be/BE/fr/home/index.aspx)

ETA: I snooped around a little and I think you can have it delivered abroad. Here is the link for explanations. home (http://www.laredoute.com/other_country/home.htm) I would check with them first though. If you need to have an email translated, I can help :)

12-10-09, 05:35 pm
Thanks! I did have a look on their website, too bad I don't speak/read French :P
So i might take you up on your offer ;)

I found the following on their english website:

You can only order from the international sites if you live in that countryThe weird thing is tho that my countries is listed as one of them, but when I click on it,
it redirects me to the Belgium one which states that they only ship to Belgium or Luxemburg.
I'll e-mail them first and hope they are able to get the grids from France and ship them to The Netherlands.
If not, i'll probably have to ask the frenche with a bit of your help :P

12-10-09, 06:52 pm
What about IKEA? Don't they sell stuff like that?

12-10-09, 07:39 pm
Well supposedly they did, but not anymore I guess. I just looked on every english Ikea website and the german/dutch one.
None of them have the grids I need.

12-11-09, 12:13 am
Hey, no problem, I would be happy to help with the French :) And if you want more info regarding the French grids, don't hesitate to ask :)

12-11-09, 06:31 am

I do have a few question, if you don't mind.
It say's that "Taille" is 22 euro's, but it doesn't say how many cubes you get? The other 2 options clearly say "lot de 6/10 cubes", the first option is a mistery to me.

Does the french site have a contact form? I'm unable to locate it, i've found them on the other sites.
So i figured the french much have one aswell.

12-11-09, 07:30 am
"Taille" means "size" but in this case it means either the 6-cube or the 9-cube set. Apparently, the 6-cube one is now €30.25. This is the one I have and I have about 22 grids, so more than enough for a 2x4 C&C cage.

They don't seem to have any direct email but there is a form you can fill in. If you want to, I can translate a message and then you can send it.

La Redoute : boutique ( vêtement femme, linge de maison, électroménager, lingerie ) en ligne (http://www.laredoute.fr/Contact_us/ContactUs.aspx?form=1&etap=4&category=2&subcategory=3)

I remember my mum telling me that they make it difficult to email them because they make so much money form their phone number :grumpy:

Have you tried ebay as well? It is hard to find the grids in the UK as well. If it hadn't been for my French holidays, I would have had to build a cage myself!

Don't hesitate to ask for translations! :)

12-15-09, 05:56 pm

Sorry for the late reply, but i have been busy.
Me and my girlfriend translated some parts of the website and found out that they do ship
to the Netherlands. It seems they have a shipping fee of about 5/6 euro's depending on
weight. The sad thing is that it takes 6/11 business days to arrive, which means i have to
wait because i'll be on a short vacation next week.

But it seems my Guinea pigs will be enjoying their own C&C cage very soon, thanks to you.
Your help is very appreciated

01-09-10, 02:59 pm
Okay, here's an update on the cubes (holiday's and such have been keeping me busy).
I found out that when you register at La Redoute you can select different countries from
a list, they include a few different european countries so this might work for others in another country aswell.
The shipping costs weren't that high, i had to pay 5 euro's for shipping and another 4/5 euro's
because of the weight of the package.
I ordered the 6 cubes and the 10 cubes package, which is also the maximum you can order.
Ordering a 10 cube package twice will be too heavy for shipping.
They accept paypal, so you don't need any credit cards.

The only downside i've come across is the time it takes to arrive, it takes 3 to 4 weeks to
ship to The Netherlands.

Anyway, i'll be getting 60 or so grids in a few weeks. I'm happy :)

01-09-10, 03:18 pm
Great news!!!

01-09-10, 03:45 pm
Indeed, I hope this helps others too. Thanks again for the link, without you I would probably
still be searching for cubes ;)

60 grids should suffice for a nice big cage :D

01-09-10, 04:16 pm
You're welcome! :)
And 60 grids should be enough for a mansion :D