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11-26-09, 07:56 pm
Does anyone know why you might need to neuter boy rats?

Lots of people have been asking me if I'm going to get my boys neutered (including the vet) since they discovered i have 2 boys.

I can't see any reason right now to get my boys nuetered!

I certainly would never remove their dangly bits because others concider them unsightly (apparantly that's a very common reason).

I would hovever if it would help stop violent fighting. I know neutering a guinea's not going to help stop agression but I have no experience on neuterings affect on male rats.

Currently my boys are fast approacing 6 months old and constanly fight. So far the fighting seems to be playful, no one gets hurt, it seems to be a favourite game but I'm mindful that as they mature the fighting might get more violent.

Would love to hear if anyone's had experience with fighting boys and if neutering had any effect?

11-26-09, 10:10 pm
So far it sounds like your boys are just playing normally. Neutering does help hormones, I had a boy come from our local spca who had to be neutered; if he hadn't been, he would still be solitary. However it is not nessacary to neuter; I have 10 boys(all about a year and over) and only the one is neutered and they play-fight a lot. In new zealand, we cant import rats, so our gene pool is rather small, so we tend to get a lot of aggressive hormonal boys from stupid irresponsible breeders. Hormones dont usually show up til about a year to 18 months, so you wont know until at least a year if they are hormonal; I think they sound fine they way they are. The only reasons I know of that they would need to be neutered, is hormones, and some people are allergic to rats, and neutering helps that. Only other reason I've heard of where people actually NEEDED to neuter was due to tumors developing in their man bits; but I dont think neutering prevents tumors, unlike spaying girls.

01-11-10, 03:07 am
Hi, I completely agree with what Anaira said. A general rule with rats fighting is that if there's no blood then it's not a problem. The main reasons I hear for neutering rats are aggression, smell and like you said appearance.