View Full Version : Rehoming in QLD, Australia

11-19-09, 01:27 am
I'm in Queensland, Australia & I'm wondering if I'm able to list a guinea pig for re-homing here on this website? And if it is ok to do so, do you think there would be much interest? By that I mean, most of the people here are in other countries... although I have noticed are few members in my general area. I would really like to find her a loving forever-home.

11-19-09, 01:59 am
Have you tried contacting one of the shelter managers from the Australian Cavy Sanctuary? They may be able to help you out or at least guide you in the right direction.

11-19-09, 02:05 am
They are in Brisbane, about three hours from here and I have no way of getting there.

11-19-09, 11:48 pm
Hello, I was hoping for some more replies, please. Thanks :)

11-20-09, 02:38 am
Are you a member on their forum? If not I can put up a post for you and see if anyone can help you out or you can join and ask yourself.

11-20-09, 06:42 am
Hello, I was hoping for some more replies, please. Thanks :)

Please remember the time difference. As far as I know, most of the members on this forum are in the United States which is quite a few hours difference from Australia. It might explain why people hadn't responded quite yet. Be patient.

11-20-09, 06:45 am
Yes I think the ACS would be your best bet, I hope you sort something out. I'm in Brisbane too so a bit far from you.

11-20-09, 05:46 pm
I just figured that would not be an option seeing as I can't drive three hours to take the guinea pig to them & they probably wouldn't travel three hours to pick her up. The Brisbane shelter's website is currently undergoing maintenance but I will join up & contact them & see what happens from there.

11-21-09, 02:35 am
Not necessarily the Brisbane shelter but maybe someone else nearby you, can help you out. That is why I suggested putting up a post on their forum to see if anyone nearby can help you out.

Members of the forum have travelled quite a way to help people and their piggies out before. I wouldn't put it out of the question - even if you travelled half the way and they the other half.