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02-27-05, 02:27 pm
Alternative to other risky bedding products!!

100% natural
100% dust free
100% safe (impaction, edible, mold)

I am offering this now because it is the best type of bedding that I have come up with. 100% virgin shreds. My guinea pigs and rabbits love it because it is soft, lightweight and fluffy and they can move it around, pile it up and romp in it for lots of fun! Better than shavings and pellets hands down!
Carefresh is still obviously the top product, but this is much much more inexpensive. If yu are dedicated to carefresh, bookmark me and I will be offering it at wholesale prices later on this month.

Here are the cozy photos:


Pricing is all different b/c well all have different size cages and there is no set bag size. I have been selling it by the garbage bag full for about $10.00. That size would probably do about a 5x5 cage. Shipping is pretty much nil, because it is so lightweight and can be totally compact when air is removed from the bag.

If anyone is interested or has any other questions, please email me at [email protected]

02-27-05, 02:48 pm
Is it easier to clean and does it absorb pee.

02-27-05, 03:33 pm
What is it made of?

02-27-05, 03:44 pm
100% virgin shreds

02-27-05, 04:59 pm
yes, it absorbes pee very very well, thats why I decided to stick with it. It is also super easy to clean up because you can pretty much just pick it up out of the cage and stuff it into a garbage bag in 1-2 handfuls!

Is it easier to clean and does it absorb pee.

02-27-05, 05:01 pm
It is made of a virgin paper pulp. Not tough and coarse like paper which is refined. Kind of like the material of the paper towels in the dispensers you use at the mall or a restaraunt or somthing, just without the heavy brown dye.

What is it made of?