View Full Version : Hi from VA! Soon to be piggie owner!

11-12-09, 07:22 pm
Hi everyone. My name is Liz, I'm 20 and a junior at college majoring in Criminal Justice.

I've always thought guinea pigs were adorable and since I live in an apartment with my friends and not a dorm anymore, I'm finally able to get piggies!

I've already started to make a C&C cage, thanks to this site! Planning to adopt/buy one this weekend once the cage is done and set up. :)

Tessa Bea
11-12-09, 07:53 pm
Welcome to the site! I'm glad that you're building your C&C before getting a pig. Please adopt, don't buy! There are lots of homeless piggies- you just have to know where to look. Check Petfinder.com , craigslist, the classifieds or Penny Saver.

Do you have enough room for two? Pigs really appreciate having a buddy.

11-12-09, 07:54 pm
Jeez another Virginian! Welcome from Richmond, enjoy. By buy I hope you don't mean from a pet store. It sounds like you've done your reading and you probably know by now that they're often missexed and ill. No there's not really a convenient rescue in VA, but there are usually quite a few piggies waiting to be adopted through Craig's List or Petfinder.com.

They do better in pairs too, but I opted to go the same route as you and get one at first, and am now in the process of adopting a second.

Enjoy the site, there's lots of great resources here. (P.S. How are you enjoying the monsoon?)

11-12-09, 08:01 pm
Haha, I'm originally from the DC area (Ft. Belvoir), but since I'm at college, I'm in the south. I'm loving the windy rain actually! Oh, I do plan on getting two. The cage is going to be a 2x4. Hopefully I will be rescuing!

11-12-09, 08:11 pm
Were at in VA are you form enjoiorganika (http://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/../members/enjoiorganika.html)?