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01-04-03, 11:25 am
Hi everyone,
Does anyone here watch Animal Planet? I just thought I'd ask because I really love that channel. My favorite shows are Animal Precinct, Animal Cops, That's My Baby and A Pet Story. I also like the Pet Psychic. I believe in her, Sonya, that is. Some people don't but, this is my opinion. If you believe, or don't, say so. I want to see how many people are on each side.;)

PS Nobody in my class believes, lol , because when I presented my Person who Contributed to the World report on Sonya, they laughed. Funny, some of them did Nsync and football players. Real Helpful, if you ask me [center]

01-06-03, 05:07 pm
I watch Animal Planet everyday! And I like the same shows you do plus Animal Planet's The Most Extreme and Petsburgh USA. I'm on the side that believes in Sonya. She seems like a very nice, down to earth lady with a special ability. None of us are the same, and in my opinion, I think it's childish for people not to believe in her, since the person doesn't have the same ability. :D

01-07-03, 08:54 am
I watch it everyday and my most Favorite one is Breed All About It.
I just wonder if am on with the Animal Planet that you're watching cause I think the one am viewing is colonized by british persons, is it the same animal planet in the USA? as though there are some shows hosted by americans.

01-08-03, 04:30 pm
I forgot about Most Extreme. I love that show, too. And I'm not sure about the British people, though. Maybe if you told me the hosts names I could tell you if they're on the US channel. Otherwise, I would think that they'd be the same people, as it is probably International TV. The Specials are all in cahoots w/ BBC, if that gives you a clue. I really don't know. Just that the BBC logo is always in the credits. Sorry :D Byes


01-08-03, 07:06 pm
Matt Gallant for Funniest Animal Videos show, and Aileen Avery for Amazing Animal Videos. Those are the only two that I know, besides Pet Psychic who is Sonya F something. :mad:

01-08-03, 08:38 pm
oh yes! Matt Gallant for Funniest Animal Videos show Aileen Avery for Amazing Animal Videos. I like those two and now am happy am seeing the same shows, at first I dont want to give out the movie PlanetsFunniest Animals because am embarassed that it maybe too too late broadcasting in my country but SCL just said that, so am really happy! Matt Gallant also narrates BREDD all ABOUT it.

Other shows are Battersea Dogs Home, Aussie Animal Rescue amd some shows are guessed by big stars like Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts. I also haver heard Sonya but am not sure if she is the one that talks to the mind of he dogs.
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01-09-03, 02:12 pm
The shows I see all have the same host. Only in the US, we don't have the shows Batterea and Aussie Animal Rescue.