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01-09-03, 03:47 pm
I took both of my guinea pigs to the vets today and was told that the one definately looks like a male. (Grrrr at the pet store!!!)

Okay, now I have a decision to make...do I get him neutered or do I go out and buy another cage?

Obviously if I buy a new cage it will actually cost more and take up more room. I am also concerned that they will miss eachother and get depressed.

Another thing...I asked if he could tell if the female was pregnant and he said he thinks she is too young to be pregnant. This made me alittle leary about his knowledge because isn't it true that guinea pigs as young as 3 wks could get pregnant (might not be the healthiest of things to happen but it is possible)? They are both between 9-11 wks old.

Please give me advice...if we are going to get a new cage..I will get it tonight even, tomorrow the latest. If we are going to get him neutered then we have to try to get him in tomorrow as well.

Thank you!!!

Briana D
01-09-03, 04:30 pm
You are right that sows can become pregnant at 3 week of age. Most likely your sow is pregnant.

It's really your choice whether you want to separate or neuter. Neutering can be dangerous if you don't have a cavy knowledgeable vet. I've gotten two pigs neutered and they both were fine. Teresa of Cavy Spirit's has had countless done and more then not they were fine.

Also if you get your male neutered you will need to keep him away from the female for at least 3 weeks. Even though he will be neutered he may still be fertile for at LEAST 3 weeks.

I see nothing wrong with neutering but make sure you have a very good vet doing the procedure. You also may want to think if you female is pregnant -what are you going to do if the baby is male?

Good luck on whatever you decided.

01-09-03, 05:46 pm
I don't believe in neutering, but it can be successful so you may want to consider it. Also, since you said your vet didn't seem very knowledgeable on cavies, you might want to get a second opinion on your sow that you believe to be pregnant. You always tell if your sow is pregnant or not, because she'll start showing signs. Good luck to you. :D