View Full Version : Grids in Singapore..?

10-30-09, 08:22 pm
Hi guys! I couldnt reply to the previous thread because it was too old. Does anybody know if Daiso is still sellin grids? Thanks! =Dlol

10-31-09, 09:54 pm
Last time I went to Daiso at Plaza Singapura, they were selling, but they had very little in stock. There's a thread in another forum on where to get grids and coroplast. Here! (http://www.petschannel.com/forum/?page=topic&topicID=12219)
I bought mine from Jin Yu =) Good luck!

10-31-09, 10:51 pm
Ooh. Thats great thanks! By the way, what coloured grids do they carry? Im in Australia, but the grids here are pretty expensive! So I reckon I will go back at get them when I get home for Christmas. lol

11-01-09, 01:59 am
Hm, so far, I've only seen white and black ones, not colourful ones.
So you're going to Singapore and buying grids, then bringing them back to Australia? The grids can get pretty heavy if you buy too many, so make sure you don't exceed the maximum baggage weight you can check in!

11-01-09, 05:53 am
All good.Im after black ones thou.lol
The link you gave me was really good! Thanks!! Unfortunately.... .. ...it seems that Daiso no longer carries it. :( Its terribly inconvenient.

yea. Im planning to get my sister to buy it for me and pass it to a couple of friends who are coming over at the end of the year. If it doesnt work..I pray my luggage has space for me to bring it back then. I will have to make space i guess..cos I really really really want those grids!

Im currently looking at Jin Yu too. How much did u get them for over there? And does it come in black too?

11-01-09, 05:57 am
You're welcome =)
I can't really remember how much I paid... it's definitely less than 2 dollars per grid. Maybe 1.50? They also have long grids that are cheaper in terms of value, but I don't think you can fit the long grids in your luggage.
Yes, I think they DID have black grids, but there weren't many left. So I bought white.