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10-28-09, 02:51 pm
We are contemplating the purchase/rescue of two guinea pigs in the next couple of months. I really like the C&C cages I've seen on this website. But...how long can we realistically expect the coroplast to last? Do the pigs try to chew or eat it? Does it wear out and need to be replaced? Thanks for any advice.

10-28-09, 03:17 pm
If cleaned properly and maintained well, it can last for years. Some pigs chew on the edges but there are solution to that as well. Such as using binder splines (don't know if that's what they are actually called or not) to cover the edges.

10-28-09, 04:10 pm
We are contemplating the purchase/rescue of two guinea pigs in the next couple of months.First of all, I just want to say that I really hope you're only considering rescuing/adopting your pigs rather than purchasing.

Second, welcome to GPC!

And now, to answer your question, coroplast really does last a long time if you treat it well. A lot of my pigs chew their coro, but the only thing that's really affected is the aesthetic value, which doesn't matter much to me anyhow. It's still just as useful, whether chewed on or not!

10-28-09, 04:28 pm
Hello and welcome.
I have used the same sheet of coroplast for about 4 years now and it has even been through a remodel (duct tape). As has been mentioned, correct care and cleaning helps to prolong its life. You can find the splines that Ly mentioned, by the box, under Slide-'n-Grip Binding Bars at OfficeWorld.com. Using fleece helps the coroplast last as it puts something between the piggies feet/nails/urine and the coroplast, whereas loose bedding gets shoved out of the way, right down to the plastic.
I second Paula's desire for you to adopt. Purchasing puts money in pockets of people that profit from animal misery.
Guinea Piggs are great and welcome to their world where, as you will discover, they are the masters.

10-28-09, 04:34 pm
Coroplast is pretty durable and lasts awhile if you clean it well i.e vinegar when cage cleaning time. And either way, it is pretty cheap. Like $20 a sheet, if you need to replace it.

Ditto about adopting only. Pet store or breeder pigs are often sick and pregnant or missexed. And there are many guinea pigs being euthanized due to lack of homes.

Tessa Bea
10-28-09, 04:38 pm
Welcome to the Forum. Coroplast lasts a long time, and it's easy to clean. Please adopt pigs, don't purchase!

10-28-09, 07:05 pm
Thanks for all the input on the Coroplast. If we end up adopting, and want to have two at the same time, do we need to find two that have already been living together? Does age affect their temperament and ability to bond with us?