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casey's mommy
10-27-09, 12:25 pm
A little over a month ago we were at a baby shower and the lady who lived there had a couple guniea pigs and our daughter fell in love and before I knew it we were leaving with a black and white female guinea pig over a year old. The lady gave me alot of what I thought was great advice on how to keep her for very cheap. About 2 weeks after we got her I felt a kick and I started googling, turns out she was pregant about a week later we lost a litter of pups and a week after that the mommy.:weepy: very sad. Turns out I was doing a Lot of stuff wrong. :( And just about everything that lady told me was incorrect and some of it dangerous. It sounds like she was sick before we ever got her and I think thats why the lady was so eager to pawn her off. I feel horrible. She died the day before my daughters 4th birthday. I spent hours at Petco and Petsmart trying to learn as much as possible and my husband picked up two new babies (I think, my husband didnt ask their age!?:confused:) Now that I have found this website I am on here daily to learn everything I need to know to give my new babies, Fluffy and Cookie, a happy and long like. I just wish I would have found you a month ago. Thank you for all your information and helpful tips.

10-27-09, 01:25 pm
Welcome. I'd forget everything petno and petstupid told you - they are not good sources of info. Look at www.guinealynx.info first and this website.

10-27-09, 10:08 pm
Welcome to GPC!

10-27-09, 10:18 pm
Welcome. There is information here on anything you need to know!

10-28-09, 12:57 am
Welcome to the site! It is so nice that you are here to learn about how to care for your new little friends. What kind if cage are they in?

10-28-09, 08:12 am
Welcome! So sorry for your losses.
Glad you are here, this really is the best place for information on piggies.
Good Luck with your new additions.

10-28-09, 10:36 am
Welcome! It's so good you're here to learn and make your pigs' life the best it can be! You're not alone in finding this site late--- many (I'd hazzard to say most of us) found it only after we were already doing everything wrong. You're off to a great start, since you already have two. Since your pigs came from a pet store, you're going to want to get them into a good cavy-savvy vet. Pet store cavies often have mites or other health issies that can be easily treated if caught early, but can be really bad if it's let go too long. The pet stores also aren't always good at determining gender, so you'll want the vet to confirm that you really have two of the same gender so you can avoid accidental pregnancies.

Its overwhelming here, at first, so take your time. Read all the "stickies" (the posts at the top of all the information forums,)ESPECIALLY the ones in the Diet/nutrition forum.

10-28-09, 10:44 am
I am new here too.
Welcome and i hope you find this place as helpful as i do.
Good luck with your new babies.

casey's mommy
10-28-09, 11:32 am
Thank you for the warm welcome. I am excited about my babies and trying really hard to do everything right. The pet store said they need a cage that was 40' so we got a cage from a guy off craigslist that is 39'. That was before I found this website and the C&C idea. I am still alittle confused with the grid measurements but everything seems to fit well and they seem to have room. I have finally decided on a good place for floor play and my next task is the fleece idea. I am stoked about it but my husband isn't so much. We bought a huge thing of bedding and eventhough I read it can cause breathing problems and makes a huge mess he wants to use it all up. I am putting my foot down and getting fleece and will use it in the little box. Now that you say that about the gender I am alittle worried Cookie was doing a little humping last night but I thought it a dominance thing. :eye-poppi I'll have to find a vet and take them in. Thank you again.

10-29-09, 12:12 pm
I used this website to sex my little Pig boy. It's pretty easy, but you should still take them because of the pet store bits of business. :D

Sexing Guinea Pigs: How to Sex a Guinea Pig (http://www.cavyspirit.com/sexing.htm)

10-29-09, 12:22 pm
Welcome! You've come to the right place, I have to warn you though, this site/forum, is very addictive! I love this forum, and the people, and love learning new things everyday.

Sorry to hear about your previous loss, but like everyone else said, you are off to a good start on the pair you got now. Have fun and enjoy your babies! They are really rewarding pets, I can't wait to get home each day to see my piggies!!!lol

10-29-09, 12:24 pm
We bought a huge thing of bedding and eventhough I read it can cause breathing problems and makes a huge mess he wants to use it all up.
What kind of bedding did you buy? If it is pine shavings that is not kiln dried, you can still use it if you put in a cardboard box and let it air out for a week. If it is cedar, you'll need to throw it all out.
See a list of safe bedding here: Bedding (http://www.guineapigcages.com/bedding.htm)

10-29-09, 12:36 pm
Welcome. It's a real shame you found out the hard way. But now that you found this site you will learn how safe and easy it is to care for piggies. Ask as many questions as you like. There are so many knowledgeable people here. I have only been a member 2 months and hat's off to al the people who have helped me.

10-29-09, 01:22 pm
Same sex humping is normal, but you need to make sure you are 100% certain on the sexes ASAP. If you aren't sure, separate them until you can get them to a vet.

Either way, they should get a check up with an exotics vet. Mites, lice, pregnancy, and illnesses are common in pet store pigs.

casey's mommy
10-29-09, 02:31 pm
I don't know what its called its not wood its kinda like a fluffy paper or something. I keep forgetting to check the package but its from Walmart so I am fairly certin its something not good. I am not sure. Plus I want to use fleece.
I did the push test and both had what I would call a little peeper poke out. So I think they are both boys. But I am going to compare them to the pictures maybe I can determine there age at the same time.
I have already learned a whole lot from the site seems like everytime I have a question I can go to the section it applies to and find it. I didnt see anything about useful ways to use those stupid exercise balls being I accidently bought one so I posted it and have since found a safe and useful use for it. I love this place and am on here all the time since I found it. I wish I had more money to do all they stuff I have seen. I have to be patience.

10-29-09, 04:56 pm
Welcome to GPC!
What did you use the exercise ball for?

10-29-09, 05:09 pm
I've been new to posting too! welcome! I've learned alot and will be off tomorrow to joanne's fabrics to get some fleece that's on sale! I have more to read for sure but I'm learning a lot. I use carefresh for bedding right now and extra hay too.

casey's mommy
10-29-09, 05:17 pm
I have a thread where I was asking ideas. But I used half as a Hay Bin and I am going to make a pillow and turn the other half into a chair. Like back in the day we had this wooden circle chair with a pillow in it and I used to love it. I want to get another one someday. But I am still not sure. Right now I want to make a fleece comforter for everything in the house. ha ha