View Full Version : Looking for different types of hay in Vancouver, BC

10-25-09, 01:41 pm

I've been looking for a local place British Columbia, lower mainland) to get some bluegrass, oat hay, orchard grass, or other type of hay that's NOT timothy hay. I'm allergic to hay and read that some other types may be better to use. I really don't want to order from Canadian Pet Connection and pay all that shipping.

I'm using timothy hay from Petsmart. I just bought some really cheap hay from a rabbit rescue place and I'm even more allergic to that! (Awesome price - $5.00 for a 2' by 2' x 1/2' bag. It's a mix of 1st and 2nd cut and is quite dusty).

Any ideas?

Thanks, from Livandlovit

(P.S. For those interested in the rabbit rescue hay - here's their website-Vancouver Rabbit Rescue: VRRA: About Us (http://www.vrra.org/about.htm))