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10-21-09, 03:52 pm
So I have a strong feeling this time my parents will say yes to another pig. I made an AWESOME Power Point. I made a deal if I get a 3.5 grade point or better. Basically raising my Algebra grade. :shhh:

I need to upgrade my 2x3 to a 2x4. I need more grids and more coroplast. How do I do this? Do I re-start, making a whole new coroplast bottom?Or is there a way to save the coroplast? It is in perfect condition. I also have a 20% of coupon for Bed Bad and Beyond so I'll be getting more grids from there. Thanks! :cheerful:

10-21-09, 03:54 pm
I would take the tape off an edge and flatten it. Then I would take on the other of coro to extend it.

10-21-09, 04:09 pm
You can either extend it or use (reuse) some of your existing coro for an upper level and just buy a new sheet for the main level.

10-21-09, 04:18 pm
Thanks Wiggles thats what I thought but just clarifying...:)
Thats a great idea Ly!! I might have to try that instead!

10-21-09, 04:21 pm
When I enlarged my 2x4 to a 2x5, I just used duct tape to secure the new section to the old. I use incontinence pads under my fleece and towels so the coroplast never gets wet. It's worked well for quite a while now.