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10-21-09, 03:10 pm
I am currently waiting for my shelter to get rats in. Unfortunatly I will not be able to get a ferret nation due to my limited space and the huge pig cage. I was wondering if there is any other cages large enough. I plan on getting 2-4 ratties in the near future, maybe after Christmas or around then depending when the shelter gets in rats. I am still researching but any tips on diet or other things will be appriciated. Also do the males and females have many differences as far as personality.

10-21-09, 03:39 pm
Each rat needs at least 1.5-2 cubic feet of space. There are many types of cages out there but most are going to have to be good size if you want to keep 4 rats. I wouldn't trade my Ferret Nation cage for the world. Here is a cage calculator that you can use when looking at various sized cages. They will tell you how many rats each type of cage can hold. Ratty Corner Cage Calculator (http://www.rattycorner.com/odds/calc.shtml)

I've posted several times about diet, so you can look through some of the older rat threads here in this section for diet advice.

I've had both male and female and in my own experiences both genders are great but I've found males to be more friendly, outgoing and cuddly.

10-21-09, 03:50 pm
Thanks I will do a forum search. I would keep four at the maximum. I am leaning toward a pair of males but I will take what comes my way because they are all nice pets.

10-21-09, 04:29 pm
Wiggles, FerretNation cages are THE best but there are some ideas in the photo galleries, under cages for other pets, that are really exceptional. Maybe you could adapt one of those ideas to your needs.

10-21-09, 04:56 pm
Martin's Cages makes some pretty good rat cages that aren't as bulky as the Ferret or Critter Nations. If you're just getting a pair of males, you can go with a one level Ferret/Critter Nation too. You wouldn't even need all the space the full size offers for 2 rats.

I have had both males and females and agree that, in general, males are better lap rats. My females were usually rather hyper and skittish. Although my super smart, super cuddly heart rat was a female :tearsofjo Males do get quite a bit larger and they tend to scent mark...a lot.

I would check out Sue Bee's website for more info on diet (and everything else rat related!).

10-21-09, 07:43 pm
Okay thanks everyone. I want a FN so badly but my mom would not let me get one. So I will look into alternatives.