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02-23-05, 06:57 pm
About 18 days ago my male rabbit got out of his cage and was playing around near my female rabbit’s cage for a while; he did not get in to her (thankfully). But now she is going through a false pregnancy I think....she is pulling her hair out and putting it all in her hay rack (she can get into her hay rack and sit in it). Is a false pregnancy stressful on a rabbit? And should I make a nesting box for her or should I just leave everything as it is and let her make a nest in her hay rack? The problem is that every time I put more hay in her hay rack I would have to wreck her nest. Any suggestion would be great!

02-24-05, 11:18 am
First of all get both of your rabbits fixed ASAP. Not only will it help curb behavior problems, aggression, and hormonal problems; but unspayed female rabbits have about an 80% chance of developing uterine cancer. Not to mention the overwhelming problem of rabbit overpopulation, rabbits are dying everyday at shelters. If she is not spayed, then she could very well be pregnant and you could be faced with caring for and finding homes for 5-8 babies on average. Do provide a nestbox, since she may be pregnant. False pregnancy usually causes some abnormal aggression and territorial behavior.

02-24-05, 12:03 pm
Yes, I am going to get my rabbits fixed soon. I have read that if a rabbit starts making a nest between 18-22 days it is a good chance of false pregnancy.

02-24-05, 12:12 pm
Ok, I hope she is not pregnant.

02-24-05, 12:54 pm
She has stopped pulling out her fur now and has seemed to have abandoned the nest.

02-24-05, 07:04 pm
Isn't that strange, maybe she's clucky hehe..

02-24-05, 09:49 pm
She really is a silly girl, her name is Lilly so I gave her the nick name Silly Lilly hehehe.