View Full Version : Just Delivered Moo Had Her Babies!

10-19-09, 02:06 pm
I woke up this morning to two new beautiful additions to our family! Moo has had an adorable white curly coated piggy with black eyepatches (I think she is a sow) & an adorable smooth coated darrk brown piggy, with wite spots all over, four wite socks and a white blaze down his face (I think he is male):heart: I couldnt be prowder of my Moo and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the pup I think is male is actualy a female:cheerful:

( Not attepting to spam) I didn't mean to post this under a different heading, and I don't know how to delet that one, so I just reposted here.

I will Post pictures latter today.

10-19-09, 02:06 pm
Pigtures needed!

Congratulations. I'm glad they're all doing well.

10-19-09, 02:23 pm

In the future, please don't repost a thread if you've put one in a wrong section. Just wait for one of us mods to come along and move it to the right forum.

10-19-09, 04:35 pm
Congrats! I'm glad the babies and the ma are all right.

Tessa Bea
10-19-09, 04:53 pm
Looking forward to Pigtures!

10-19-09, 11:06 pm
Baby pictures are up! As well as ones of Mummy Moo & My Lucy:cheerful:
They're on my profile.