View Full Version : My piggies biting the coroplast

10-18-09, 04:44 pm
I've heard some noises, and then I figured out that my piggies start biting the hidey that i made from coroplast. I take away the hidey because I'm afraid it's not safe for them for now. Is it safe? If it's safe i'm planning to make more toys with coroplast..

10-18-09, 05:18 pm
It's safe to a extent. If they chew non-stop, take it out, but if its just random, like my piggies do, then no worries.

What type of toys are you planning on making?? I need some ideas and have some extra coro.! :) Thanx!

10-19-09, 11:15 am
I ran across a video on youtube that might help. Just search youtube for "How to Make a C&C Guinea Pig or Rabbit Cage Chew-Resistant" It says to get a kind of plastic edging stuff to put on the coroplast to stop chewing. Hope that helps :)

10-19-09, 05:51 pm
I made their hidey, and probably i'll make some tunnels, hay rack, and maybe something that I can use for "pellet bowl". Planning on hay rack first, then the tunnels :)