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10-17-09, 10:56 pm

I'm new to this site and I will be buying 2 male piggies in the next two weeks. I have found the grids already to make a spacious cage for them but I am having trouble finding affordable Coroplast in my area. I live in the Central Valley area of California.

Help please? I wouldn't mind ordering from somewhere else as long as the shipping charge isn't ridiculously priced...


10-18-09, 11:20 am
Please DO NOT buy. You should check your local shelters. You can order it right on this site. You can also do some alternitives. Look in the gallery to get ideas.

10-18-09, 11:25 am
I agree. Please dont buy. There are Guinea Pig rescues across the nation full of homeless Guinea Pigs. Buying just encourages people to produce more. Guinea Pigs from petstores are often bred by people who breed them for the money, nothing else and this usually results in unhealthy, untame Pigs.

10-18-09, 11:56 am
Well I live in a small city that is barely starting to grow (due to UC Merced), and a lot of the small business pet stores here that would rescue animals or have information on shelters lost business and closed ever since PetSmart came around. Now it's a bit difficult to find places, I think the closest is about 10-15 minutes away and my cousin used to work there and said the animals were not in the best conditions.
So that is why I had decided to just buy them...but I suppose I will have to keep looking. I had already gotten attached to a pair >.<;

10-18-09, 02:02 pm
Once I started looking for piggies I found that there are a lot of them out there, but they don't just fall off the tree into your lap. I checked Craig's list every day--actually as I got more determined, it was more like morning noon and night--and I called shelters, SPCA, and animal control. All had had piggies recently and expected to get them again, and a couple times I got them on a day when there was a new piggie, but they were solos and I wanted to start with a pair that knew each other. (And I got a pair just yesterday from Craigslist. But be careful of the ads for "baby guinea pigs" which are either from professional breeders or from novices who got a pregnant female by accident. If you get one from them you will probably also be stuck with a pregnant female, which is certainly no place for a novice to start.

I think it is just a matter of patience and determination. Searching out your own piggie from among the abandoned ones hidden away helps build the patience skills you will need to take care of them!!

10-18-09, 02:19 pm
Check petfinder.com. There's a guinea pig rescue in San Rafael, CA. One of their rescued females was pregnant and delivered 2 baby boars. They are 5 weeks old now. Not sure if it's too far for you. They've always been willing to meet half way. You can also ask them where to find coroplast.

10-18-09, 03:16 pm
Yeah I took your guys' advice and went on the PetFinder but the closest male, young piggies I could find were 2 1/2 hours away which is too far from me. I live in Merced, CA and at the beginning of the year a 2 1/2 hour drive would have been nothing but our car has been having an overheating problem, we've spent over 400 trying to solve it but it continues so my radius of travel is small. We don't have money to buy a new car and my moms wastes lots of gas. My options are limited =(

10-18-09, 03:32 pm
STILL - adopt don't shop. Petstores are horrible places of torture and mistreatment to animals and it's a bad idea to buy.
Coroplast, you can find lots of places, like your local sign shop, etc.? GE Polyermshapes sells coroplast for $10! Here's the locator: GE Polymershapes, Branch Locator (http://www.sabicpolymershapes.com/polyshapes/PShapes/branchlocator/branchus.jsp)
Good luck!

10-18-09, 03:41 pm
Thanks for the branch locator I'll see what I can find.
And I feel that I would rather save a few piggies from mistreatment than look for ones that I cannot get a hold of. I only have one family member that could pick up the piggies for me (the ones by the bay area) but that would be my grandmother, whom is not pet savvy, or knows much English and who works everyday as a housekeeper. I honestly don't see a way, once/if I find any, to get them to me unless the shelter hand delivered them to me or are willing to drive to a point only 40 minutes from here

10-18-09, 04:57 pm
And I feel that I would rather save a few piggies from mistreatment than look for ones that I cannot get a hold of.
Please. Read, read, read the sticky threads at the top of the forums, particularly the ones about pet stores. You will not be saving pigs from mistreatment, you will be condemning pigs to mistreatment, if you buy. There is no emergency situation which prevents you from waiting until there are pigs available close enough to you for you to get.

Many shelters have pigs on occasion but do not bother to list them on Petfinder. It's best to call any shelters in your area and inquire as to whether they ever take them in, and if so, to get your name on a list.