View Full Version : Ramps Only one piggie will climb up the ramp! I'm worried!

10-12-09, 07:01 pm
I built a ramp and my Dad is going to zip-tie it down tonight. My Guinea Pig Carly is the only one that goes up the ramp! Sandy refuses to go up it and I'm afraid she'll starve. Any ideas on how to get her to climb up the ramp?

10-12-09, 07:03 pm
You could put her in the loft and she'll go down if she wants too. Or, just put the food on the first level.

10-12-09, 07:04 pm
That's what I do but I have to do that frequently. I tried coaxing her with a baby carrot but she jumped off.

10-12-09, 07:06 pm
She jumped off the ramp?
I mean actually pick her up, and put her up there so she could see what's up there and that the ramp=food.

10-12-09, 07:11 pm
It was only a couple inches off the ground. She probably didn't make it halfway up the ramp!

She knows there's food up there. I think she's scared. Because after lunch, I went into my room to find out that the ramp had fell with Sandy on it. No piggie was hurt but Sandy was sad. She was almost able to jump off but the ramp fell. I don't think it was attached(My dad cut a hole to where it latches onto the Coroplast) so it probably couldn't hold her.

That or Carly went underneath it and pushed the ramp up, making it fall. Like usual.

10-12-09, 07:20 pm
If the ramp isn't stable, take it out now. It could have and probably landed near her or on her.

10-12-09, 07:26 pm
She was on top of it. Not near her. Carly was in a cardboard hidey house during the time(Away from the ramp). They can both make it down fine. It just wasn't latched that one time.

10-12-09, 07:27 pm
How do you know it didn't fall on her if you weren't in the room?

10-12-09, 07:30 pm
Because Carly was in the hidey-house the whole time. When I left my room, she was sitting in the Hidey house. When I came back, Carly was in the same position as she was when I left. Sandy was on top of the ramp when it fell.

10-12-09, 07:33 pm
She could have scared off back into the hidey.
Did you fix the ramp yet?

10-12-09, 07:41 pm
Take it out now if you haven't fixed it. It might hurt one of them next time it falls.

10-12-09, 08:03 pm
If this ramp is to the loft that has sides too low (therefore putting your pigs at risk), which somehow takes up space so that your potential 2x4 ends up a 2x3, why don't you take the advice that's been given you over and over again and TAKE IT OUT?! Seriously! Your cage setup, while vastly beter than the petstore cages you had confined them to, could be so much better for your pigs if you simply TOOK OUT the second level until you can build a proper one!

JD In Van
10-12-09, 09:11 pm
I just looked at your profile pics. I agree you need to get rid of that top level ASAP it's actually taking up room and your pigs could climb out of that easily.

10-12-09, 09:18 pm
Definitely take the second level out. They can't run laps very easily with the ramp taking up the side. And if you used the coroplast from the second level to make it a full 2x4, they would have so much more room! Plus it isn't safe right now since they only have a half-grid wall and clearly the ramp isn't stable. Just make a 2x4 single level cage, and your pigs will be so much happier.