View Full Version : PVC tube for pigs??????

Falcon The Lancer
01-11-03, 07:47 pm
i was at the hardware store today and i saw this PVC water pipe T-joint(the big ones) i was wondering if i could buy that for my pig so he could play/hide in it, i read that pvc is the hardest plastic to break down for nature (something like that) so does this mean if he chews on it that it ill just come out the same way and thus is okay for him????

i asked the petstores and 1 said no and 1 said yes :mad:

01-12-03, 07:55 pm
Here is a quote from the following URL:

www.cavycages.com/toys.htm (http://www.cavycages.com/toys.htm)

Plumbing Pipe
If you already have some 4" wide plumbing pipe, the different joint combinations (T's and elbows and +'s) can make interesting tunnels for the piggies to run through and hide in. Please be aware that while PVC pipe is not toxic to your guinea pigs, it is one of the most environmentally damaging plastics on the planet.

Hope that helped! :)

01-13-03, 07:53 am
I have a piece of PVC tube in the cage for my three little girls and they all seem to really like it. They rarely chew on it, but so far there is not even a tooth mark on it. It may just be where I it is located in their cage, but they use it primarily for a poop and pee zone. I have to clean it out pretty much every other day. :mad:

Falcon The Lancer
01-13-03, 05:53 pm
got him a t joint hes still kinda shy with it, first he but it a little then he ignored it, later he walked tru it :D