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10-12-09, 01:10 am
So, with all the bills every month and now having to pay for dental work because of no insurance, we don't have the money to buy coroplast. So, we decided one day to look around different stores and get some ideas in mind about what we want to use for a cage or what we think would work. We went into Michaels ( the arts&crafts store) and there are these foam boards for 4 dollars a piece! So we bought 3 of those, taped them together long ways, bought a organize it cube from bed bath and beyond- and we put a 2 by 4 cage together. The only things that are bad about it, is the boards werent wide enough to put sides up to keep bedding from getting everywhere, but we filled it with a fleece on the bottom ( on the top of the foam boards) and we put half bedding on one side, and half bedding on the other. We could have made it bigger, except we didn't have any more extra grids for it. But it really does work. When we get paid, we are going to get some more foam boards, cut them in half, and place them on the outside of the cage to prevent bedding from going around the floor. I will post a picture up as soon as we get one, Cyndi seems pretty happy!!

10-12-09, 08:23 am
My coroplast was only 16$ thats not much more than you spent on your foamboards.

10-12-09, 09:50 am
I got mine for only $10. Check Coroplast Authorized Distributors (http://www.coroplast.com/Distrib.htm)

10-12-09, 10:15 am
I have tried the foam cardboard also to save money.. after a while it gets wet and nasty and falls apart... so i too switched to coroplast for only 10.00 @ a sign shop in my area... so the saying goes, you get what you paid for : P Sorry !!