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mafalda de Lima
02-22-05, 02:15 pm
Hi all,

Just wondering on bedding for my new pigs -- does anyone have recommendations - I was suggested wood pellets??

how about toys??

Lastly , how do you make sure your pigs are getting enough vitamin C in their diet?? Is there something I can give them?? In addition to fruits/veggies?

02-22-05, 02:32 pm
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02-25-05, 10:03 pm
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02-26-05, 06:57 am

You can either use fleece,towels,pine-kilndried,carefresh and their are more but I do not know what they are. For toys you can put a tennis ball in,a newspaper ball, and you can add a ramp with a second level to give them exsesise."sp" You can by vitamin C tablets on www.oxbowhay.com (http://www.oxbowhay.com) or you can cut a human vitamin c tablet into quarters. Some people give them everyday,others give them every week, and some only give them if their guinea pig is sick. I hope that helps, PooH