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10-07-09, 03:35 am
There's two pigs to this story - Yoshi & Sebastian. Two boars, specifically. Sebastian ("Sebby") is at least 4 years old and Yoshi is at least a few months. My girlfriend and I have just recently (about a month ago) stumbled across the wealth of information on this web site and others (GuineaPigCages.com, CavySpirit, GuineaLynx) regarding proper guinea pig care and can't be more thankful.

Sebby has lived by himself the last four years, since my girlfriend picked him up at a pet store in 2005 (neither of us were aware of guinea pig rescues until a month ago). We decided to get him a friend, which led to us finding this and other cavy web sites and becoming educated on their proper care. We ended up picking up another male who came to be known as Yoshi at a local PetLand about a month ago (again, we weren't aware rescues existed until afterwards when we stumbled across proper cavy care on the internet). The introduction was, well, interesting, and dominance behavior held out for a few days but now they get along perfectly (together for 5 days now). Sebby 'talks' so much now whereas before he was mostly quiet unless he was being fed, especially when I refill the mass of timothy hay in their cage, which he promptly jumps into and begins to devour, followed quickly by Yoshi doing the same

They currently live in a nice floor-level pig-apartment - it's a 7.5 SqFt. hexagon in our living room. We're about to add on a second hexagon to it and bridge them to a barbell shape. This following an interest in saving a local cavy listed on craigslist that the mother wanted to sell because her young daughter didn't want it anymore. Going to pick it up on friday, hopefully it's a healthy male. We have a side cage set up for it and are expecting to have to bring it to a vet. I have a feeling we'll end up with our whole living room devoted to cavies in a year.

Anyways, enough with the words. Here's the two piggies taking a break during their take-over-the-kitchen-floor time earlier today to snuggle:

Sebby on the left, Yoshi on the right. Sebby's a little fat, we're working on getting him to exercise.