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02-22-05, 10:55 am
Hi there,
I just finished making a 2x4 cage, and am interested in using fleece as bedding. I have a few questions, though:

1. Can someone show me a picture of how they attach the fleece to the coroplast? (Or, write a detailed explanation)

2. How many layers of newspaper do I need to use? (I have one GP - wish I had move, but one's our limit right now)

3. Do I put anything underneath the newspaper? (Fleece on top, newspaper underneath, ???, coroplast)

Thanks for your help

02-22-05, 12:45 pm
hi there:)

1. I have just started useing fleece- but not really, i just use towels- they do the same job that the fleece does and they are cheaper plus you can clean them a lot better too. all that I do is put the newspaper now ( cover the bottom) and them but one white towel down and then a bluse or brown one on top of that, i then just tuck the ends underneith and they stay, just fine. no tape or that (mine just eat it any ways)

2. I use about one whole newspaper and then every other day i take out one section and it's fast and easy.

3. no you don't need to put anything underneith just the coroplast.

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02-22-05, 01:34 pm
If you put many layers of newspaper down, you won't have to change it all everyday, just the wet ones.

I don't attach the fleece, I just lay it down and it comes up the sides about 1 or 2 inches. If you wanted to attach it then you could use velcro and attach it to the sides of the coroplast, just make sure you cut the fleece 2-3 inches larger than the inner dimensions of the cage, sew velcro on the fleece where you want it and get some sticky backed velcro for the coroplast.