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10-01-09, 06:28 am
Tinkerbell had her babies on the 19th of September like around 10:00 pm or so. I have heard people say 3 weeks and 4 weeks? So do I separate them on October 10th or 17th?

10-01-09, 06:55 am
Sometimes, the boys might mature earlier at around 3 weeks, same goes for sow from what I have read and heard. So, as precaution, you should just monitor if the boys started to get frisky (they be doing the funky dance and try to erm... do the hump) then its adios mama :)

JD In Van
10-01-09, 07:09 am
They MUST be out by day 21 I understand because you may not see the behavior before the act happens.

10-01-09, 07:34 am
No later than 21 days

10-01-09, 11:16 am
October 10th. Baby boars must be removed from their mother at 21 days of age.

10-01-09, 02:39 pm
Three weeks of age, so the 10th would be the deadline.

Just to be on the safer side of things....

10-02-09, 07:01 am
TYVM! don't want another pregnancy! :eek: