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02-21-05, 11:07 am

My name is Matthew Keyawa (Oliver27 on cavy cages) and I have found a new type of bedding and I was wondering if you have heard of it. It’s made by a company called LBS (Long Beach Shavings) and they make the bedding for horses but they say it can be used for small animals, and I'm guessing that could include guinea pigs. The bedding is really soft and it is made out of wood shavings, and yes it has a smell (the smell weakens after awhile, but you still now its there) but not nearly as powerful as pine. It’s also really absorbent (at least its more absorbent than aspen, and I mean ALOT more) and yet fine enough that I can almost filter out the poops with a cat liter scooper and all I pick up is poop with no bedding. There in California, Ill give you the address

Long Beach Shavings Co., Inc.
20915 S. Lamberton Ave.
Long Beach, CA 90810


Also, here's a link to a picture of the bedding I bought:


If you have heard of it, please tell me anything you know about it (like is it safe? contains harmful chemicals? Is the smell I smell harmful, etc.)

Thank you.

My email: [email protected]

02-21-05, 03:13 pm
I'd be hesitant to get it. It is kiln dried which is good but they are not guaranteeing what type of wood is used. You could end up with cedar which would be very bad.

Also, how are you getting it? Their minimum order appears to be 150 bales. If you live nearby to they let you just buy one bale?

02-21-05, 03:30 pm
Yes how are you getting it?

02-21-05, 04:37 pm
I live in Northridge, California and there is a pet store (called "All pet headquaters") that sells them. So Im able to buy one bale at a time. 8 cubic feet for $7.50!!
Also I emailed them asking if there were any chemicals in these bales, and they say that there are none, and right now I just emailed them to see if that cedar is included in the bedding. So i hope that there isnt.

02-21-05, 05:16 pm
Ok, good luck.

02-21-05, 06:13 pm
I just got a response, they never add any cedar to any of there bedding. They know that cedar is harmful to animale's respiratory system. Well I guess I just found my permanent bedding! This stuff is awsome!

02-22-05, 01:42 pm
Oliver please don't start a new thread on this subject next time, just post anything more you need to say all in one thread.

02-22-05, 02:02 pm
Oliver please don't start new a new thread on this subject next time, just post anything more you need to say all in one thread.
Could you please clarify what you mean by Ly&Pigs starting a new thread on this subject. It seemed to me that he was discussing one subject, bedding.

02-22-05, 02:22 pm
Oliver has two threads about these long beach shavings. He needs to keep everything in one thread. The other is entitled New Bedding "Long Beach Shavings".

Sorry if I confused anyone.

02-22-05, 02:29 pm
Now I understand, thank you.