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09-24-09, 01:26 pm
Hi, I'm Amanda. I'm a step-mom to a guinea pig named Daisy. My boyfriend has had Daisy for about two years. She is an adorable calico colored guinea pig who is very shy. I'm on here to learn what I can to make her life the best it can be. I hope to make some new friends as well.

09-24-09, 01:44 pm
Welcome! Daisy is a cute name. Guinea pigs are much, much happier if they have a friend. Have you looked into getting her a buddy? I bet it would help her become less shy too.

09-24-09, 01:45 pm
I have been trying to talk my boyfriend into getting her a buddy. I would love to see Daisy come out of her shell.

09-24-09, 03:05 pm
Excellent. Do you have a big enough cage for two pigs (10.5 square feet on one level)?

Don't forget to double check the sexes of both pigs and make sure they are the same; also be sure to do a full three week quarantine behind closed doors before introducing a new pig.

The Cavy Spirit website has a page called Social Life that explains why guinea pigs should not be kept alone. It also has a lot of information on what kind of pig to get and how to do an introduction. I would definitely check it out, and have your boyfriend read it too!

09-24-09, 03:26 pm
I am pretty sure we may need a little bit of a bigger cage. I will definitely read that and pass it on to James. I would love for her to have some company

09-24-09, 04:11 pm
James also found Daisy (or Daisy found him) in a very interesting way. There is a school across the street from his parent's house. She either got loose from there or got loose from the people up the street who buy guinea pigs at the flea market.

One day James was headed to work. He got to his car and noticed something tiny that had ran underneath it. He bent down and picked up Daisy, who was at that time still a baby. We think she got attacked by something while she was loose because one of her ears is missing a little part of it.

James and his parents took her in and raised her. When he moved in with me, Daisy came with him. My friends call her our child. She went from a scared baby on the street to a happy, healthy guinea pig with a loving family.

Definitely not the normal way to get a guinea pg.

09-24-09, 05:51 pm
Hello and welcome to the most helpful guinea pig website on the internet!
Make sure you visit chat to ask questions and get immediate responses. Most of us on here are very experienced with pigs and can tell you just about anything you need to know!

If you don't already have one, it would be a good idea to make a C&C Cage for your pig. It's super easy and much less than the large cages at a petstore. It costs about $50 to make one and the result is nothing less than perfect. Visit guineapigcages.com to learn how to make one.

Trust me, you'll be glad you did make one.

And for any other pig related questions, the forum is the place to be! Ask any question and you will definitely get an answer!

Good luck and have fun here!

~ Sdpiggylvr