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09-23-09, 07:05 pm
So i decided to try my hand at making some cozies for my boys. They actually turned out better than I thought they would.... The sleeping bag even stands open!

Anyways, What do you think for my first try?

09-23-09, 07:16 pm
Awesome job!!!

09-23-09, 07:36 pm
How cute. Great job.A+.

09-23-09, 07:51 pm

Tessa Bea
09-23-09, 11:02 pm
So cute... and seasonally festive to boot! Great job.

09-24-09, 12:45 am
Just fab. Great job laura. I love the fabric.

09-24-09, 09:14 am
Thanks everyone! The cozie needs a little work, but it actually turned out better than I thought it would.

09-24-09, 10:22 am
I absolutely love them! If I had a sewing machine I would try, but even then, I doubt I would be able to do as well as you! That's amazing! I bet your piggers love them! I also LOVE the Halloween theme!

09-24-09, 10:24 am
Great Cozy and Cuddle sac.

09-24-09, 10:36 am
Love the fabric it would match my cage perfectly.I'll buy it from you(HA!HA!) no seriously I would lollol

09-24-09, 03:53 pm
I actually created these with a little singer pixie I got from walmart for $50. It said it is specifically for crafting, and it actually did better than I thought it would.

09-24-09, 03:59 pm

like this ? I was reading the reviews at the bottom :(

09-24-09, 08:05 pm
thats basically it... but its just the pixie not the pixie plus. I don't know what the difference is between the two. The bobbin winder doesn't work well on mine either, but essentially everything else does for what little I need it for. I bought it just to get me through until I get my babyloc fixed. I don't recommend it for any large amount of sewing or anything heavy duty, but like I said for a little bit of light weight sewing, its really not too bad....

09-27-09, 03:15 pm
They are so cute :). I really like the choice of fabric.