View Full Version : Grid like things

lindsey's boys
02-20-05, 08:14 am
I was just looking at some things for my piggies when I found these: http://www.organizes-it.com/postoragecubes.php (scroll down to the bottom.)

They're not the same as the grids, but they're close. I don't think they would be good for ventilation(sp?) though. I just thought I would put it on.

02-20-05, 08:47 am
They're quite cool. You're right not so good for a cage though because they're solid

lindsey's boys
02-20-05, 09:03 am
That's sort of what I thought.

02-20-05, 06:33 pm
I like them, but I wouldn't use them for the pigs because they would not provide good ventilation. Plus they are only 6", not tall enough to keep piggies in. I think they would be great for piggie supplies though.

lindsey's boys
02-20-05, 06:51 pm
That would be cool!